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Proud Sponsor of Olympic Athlete

Anastasia Bucsis

Anastasia Bucsis

Born and raised in Calgary, I started speed skating at the age of four. I quickly became competitive and by the age of fourteen I was traveling the continent and training six days a week. Being an amateur athlete has given me an amazing life and I've had the privilege to experience numerous life-changing opportunities. Although speed skating is an enormous and positive influence within my life, it has also produced periods in which I have encountered financial discomfort. Mantei has been overwhelmingly kind, generous, and understanding in their support regarding my speed skating. With their help, I was able to reach my dream goal of representing Canada at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Through their support I have been able to purchase new skates, and my financial worries have significantly diminished. I am so blessed to have met the good people at Mantei Woodcraft, their family-oriented values, support, and generosity has made an incalculable positive difference in my life and skating career. I look forward to my future speed skating endeavors, and hope to represent and make Mantei proud in the coming years leading up to the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia.

Anastasia Bucsis

2010 Canadian Olympic Athlete

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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Conquor Cancer Charity

"For a number of years Mantei Woodcraft has readily championed various charitable and community causes through their sponsorship of my involvement in such charitable events as Lance Armstrong's Tour of Courage and the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Most recently they supported my involvement in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a two day cycling event that raised over $7.3M for cancer research in Alberta. I am most appreciative of Mantei's generous and consistent support of these important causes."

Kerry Powell


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Woodcraft partner

Drumheller Dragons

Since the inception of the Drumheller Dragons in 2002, Mantei Woodcraft has been a major contributor to our organization, and a key reason for our success. Every season Mantei has made generous contributions to help kids achieve their scholastic and educational dreams through the sport of hockey. Without their support and generosity, we would not be able to achieve our goals as an organization.

Blair Christianson

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Bishop Carroll High School

Calgary, AB

Helping Calgary's youth love millwork as much as we do.

"Thank you Mantei Woodcraft for your generous Donations!"

Bishop Carroll Bishop Carroll Bishop Carroll Bishop Carroll Bishop Carroll Bishop Carroll